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Haemostatic Powder

General Introduction:
BLOODCARE powder is a haemostatic preparation in a powder form, with the active substance based on oxidised cellulose. It is available in sterile and non-sterile form.

Special Characteristics
Due to the content of carboxyl groups (16-24%) and calcium ions, it supports the biological healing process, and has the proven features of being bactericidal and bacteriostatic.

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Areas of Application
The sterile form is suitable for use in general surgery and digestive surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedy, gynaecology, urology, stomatology and all other branches of surgery, traumatology and stomatology. It could be also applied into cavities (after extirpation of tumours) as well as endoscopy interventions or dental praxis.

The non-sterile form is designed as a first aid treatment at sports, gardening, agriculture or common housework.

BLOODCARE powder in brief:

  • efficacious haemostat based on hydrogen calcium salt of oxidised cellulose
  • exhibits immediate haemostatic effect, the full haemostasis is achieved within 2-3 minutes after application
  • sterile form is destined to arrest capillary and minor venous bleeding and bleeding from parenchymatous organs and resection areas at any kind of surgical interventions in ambulances and clinical praxis . It could be applied into cavities (after extirpation of tumours) as well as during endoscopy interventions or dental praxis.
  • non-sterile form is destined to stop capillary and small venous bleeding from topical wounds, such as lacerations, scratches and minor cuts. It finds its use at sports, gardening, or common housework where this inconvenience could occur and should be treated fast and efficiently.
  • fully absorbed in 12 - 72 hours depending on the type of form applied and wound extent
  • entirely eliminated in 7 - 21 days, there are no deposits left behind in tissues and cells
  • hypoallergenic - it exhibits no sensitising properties and causes no adverse immunoreaction of organism even in case of recurrent application
  • bio-compatible, bio-degradable, non-acidifying haemostat of natural origin
  • well tolerated by the organism and it encourages wound healing where applied
  • presents no risk of irritating the wound, no granulomas are formed
  • has a bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect, the epithelisation process is accelerated