Polyester ( 100 % PES )


Width – 5; 10; 15; 20  0,2

Bonding power   3/2,5    N/mm

Residual power more than 5% after 4 hours

Ph     4 – 7,5

Formaldehyde – 20 mg  HCHO /Kg

Sensitivity - soft and odorless

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White, 135% elasticity, composed of 40% viscose and 60% polyamide.
They are made of viscose yarn with width 4-15 cm and lengths of 4.5 and 10 m, white color. Used dressing and fixing / supporting materials in the care and protection of injuries or wounds.
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They are made from bleached and purified cotton gauze type 13,17,20 and 24 or / cm2. They are good absorbent, soft and easily adaptable the body surface. Supplied as a sterile and non-sterile.
Formed with and without X-ray-contrasting thread and can be sterilized by any type of sterilization applicable to medical devices. Used for cleaning, treatment of wounds and are compatible with pharmaceutical substances. Quality fully meet Eur.Ph., ISO 14079 and other standards and requirements.
Adapted to customer requirements and dimensions of packages depending on the purpose, and number of layers (8-32 layers), with X-ray filaments, as well as compresses without  X-ray filaments.

Surgical needles are used for wound-closure. Surgical needles are delivered non-sterile, one
dozen sealed in a PET-pouch. They are sterilized by the end-user. Prior to use the sterile
surgical suture is threaded in the regular eye or pressed in the spring eye.

Appropriate to various applications different types of needles regarding length, diameter, point and curvature are used.

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• Dressings retention.

• Excellent dermophilic properties and air circulation.

• Doesn't limit movements and it's very comfortable.

• With simple cuts, can be applied to the different parts of the body, even the most difficult ones to reach.

• 70% polyamide, 30% polyurethane.

• Stretched length: 25m.

• Unstretched length: 7m.

• Elasticity lengthwise: Over 300%.

• Elasticity widthwise: Approx. 10 times initial width.

• Dispenser shelf box + transport carton.