General Introduction
BLOODCARE matrix is a sterile haemostatic preparation based on oxidised cellulose available in the flat form with textile structure.

It is destined to arrest capillary bleeding and bleeding from parenchymatous organs and resection areas, at surgical interventions. It shall be used to stop bleeding when other haemostatic procedures are not applicable.

Special Characteristics
Its indisputable advantage is the possibility of fixing the material by stitching.

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The zinc-glue bandage is a permanently elastic bandage with a great part of natural fibres. Due to its expansibility it is possible to apply it circlewise without any problem. There are no wrinkles and any throttling after applying. Using of a mount becomes useless. It gets hard very quickly to a semi-solid bandage, which expands its effect depthward. Because of the wholesome zinc-glue skin adhesion every muscle movement will work positively on the skin as a massage that will significantly improve the regenerative process due to the knitted fabric structure.

The zinc-glue bandage is used for an orthopaedic treatment of every acute and chronic superficial and internal loads disease, for sprain and fracture of shinbone, and for the plaster dressing.


Previfix fixation elastic bandages

ARTICLE: Previfix fixation elastic bandages
COMPOSITION: 50% polyamide - 50% viscose
WIDTHS: 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 cm
LENGTH: 4.5 m approx. for maximum extension
(other lengths available on request)
ELONGATION: 100% approx.
* For fixing dressings
* For support in the case of sprains and light bruising

ARTICLE: Previmedical compression elastic bandages
COMPOSITION: 60% cotton - 33% polyamide - 7% polyurethane
WIDTHS: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 cm
LENGTH: 5 m approx. for maximum extension
(other lengths available on request)
ELONGATION: 160% approx.
* Compression and protective universal bandage to support dressings
* For fixing dressings and providing support and protection for sprains, abrasions and bruises with medium-light compression