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Surgical Needles

Surgical needles are used for wound-closure. Surgical needles are delivered non-sterile, one
dozen sealed in a PET-pouch. They are sterilized by the end-user. Prior to use the sterile
surgical suture is threaded in the regular eye or pressed in the spring eye.

Appropriate to various applications different types of needles regarding length, diameter, point and curvature are used.

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SUPRAMA Surgical Needles are made of high-quality stainless steel, 1.4034 (equivalent to
AlSl 420). The production process includes the following steps:

- straightening and cutting to length
- grinding
- stamping of point and eye
- bending
- hardening and tempering
- electropolishing
- washing
- controlling
- packing and labeling

The following requirements have to be fulfilled:
- smooth and clean surface
- completely free of rust
- good piercing- and cutting-capabilities
- high breaking strength
- high bending strength
- good penetration capability
- secure fitting to the needle-holder